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Ruby Lake Resort

Located on the coast of British Columbia, a 2-hour drive from Vancouver, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the comfort of your room!
Surrounded by Caren range mountains and a peaceful Ruby Lake, the natural paradise never ceases to amaze the visitors!
Our 80 acres of nature reserve resort is full of natural beauty, breathtaking sights, and warm lakes! A private flat house lagoon with mountains, lake, and ocean nearby completes the aesthetics.

Chef & Owner


Chef Aldo specializes in classic northern Italian cuisine prepared with natural ingredients, including plenty of local produce as well as farm-to-table produce grown right on here site!


All of our cottages are duplexes, each of them unique and nestled in a wildlife sanctuary; home to painted turtles, beavers, otters, wood-ducks, geese, as well many other birds and animals.

Tiny Wood Cabin

The tiny wood cabins are all equipped with comfortable beds, including all linens and blankets, mosquito net, light, electricity, and either private covered balconies or sun decks, providing rustic but comfortable accommodations for a true back-to-nature wilderness getaway.


Peter Hervey

"Really beautiful property with tons of natural beauty all around. We booked a tent but were contacted and upgraded to a cottage because of cold weather, which was a really nice treat. I loved all the birds and turtles on the lagoon so much! Forced me to slow down and I desperately needed that!"


Robert Kyle

"The cottage was on a lagoon teeming with bird life, so beautiful and peaceful. The restaurant was delicious and the hike recommended by the lovely Aberdonian that welcomed us was stunning."


Alice Davis

"Over the moon about the locale,...We booked a tent with a gorgeous view. The lake, the lagoon, the animals, the woodsy landscaping, the air, the statues and structures. This place is a delight."


Justin Petty

"We had our wedding here in August, and had the most amazing experience. Everyone who attended had a great time and loved the venue. It's such a beautiful location, and it was so great to have a range of affordable accommodation to meet everyone's needs."


David Boomer

"We really enjoyed the beautiful setting of Ruby lake resort. Crystal clear waters of the lake were great for a cooling swim. The safari tents were clean and a relaxing quiet experience in the forest. The restaurant was great value and had fantastic Italian food, make a reservation before you arrive."

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