Birds & Wild Life

Ecological Reserve - Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary

Bird Watching

Our Bird's sanctuary resort is a bird lover's retreat! It is one of the most popular bird sanctuaries in the Ruby Lake region. We host one of the largest concentrations of wood ducks on the sunshine coast. Furthermore, Ruby Lake is home to over 120 bird species that stay there throughout the four seasons. We also have 3 different species of swallows (Barn, Tree, and Violet-Green) nesting spread across the sanctuary. During the spring season, a flock of over 5,000 swallows can be seen over Ruby Lake. Other regular birds include Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Kingfishers, Hawks, Ospreys, Turkey Vultures, and Hummingbirds.

Other than birds, it is also a home to over 150 species of trees and plants that attracts beautiful creatures such as butterflies.

Whiskeyjack Nature Tours.

Aldo Cogrossi started building bird houses almost as soon as he arrived on the BC coast. You will spot more than 40 of them on the sides of cottages, telephone poles, the tops of houses and under the eaves of the restaurant.

Have a look at our property and bird checklist on the e-bird website,Ruby Lake Resort Bird Sanctuary here or a complete list of the many diverse species that we have spotted onsite! If you are an e-birder yourself, please also enter your data when you visit our property to help us record and keep an accurate and up to date record.

Wood Ducks

These wood ducks have been the center of attraction for quite some time now. Male wood ducks are considered to be the most stylish and well-dressed birds adding to the lively nature of our magnificent ponds.  

The birds typically nest in the tree cavities, but they are also getting accustomed to nesting homes installed by Aldo. Each summer, we witness 16-30 ducklings. After the ducklings' hatch, the mother gives them a call and brings them towards the nest, and tiny, just day-old ducklings make their way inside the box.       

Non-Bird Visitors & Residents

We get many other animals too at Ruby Lake and Ruby Lake Lagoon. Spot the Fat Trout living at the bottom of the Lagoon when they pop up to feed, and bully the ducks. Walk across the wooden bridge that spans the lagoon and see sunbathing Western Painted Turtles on your way to lunch.

Look out for Beavers, River Otters, Roosevelt Elk, Deer and Bears, amongst many others. Enjoy the many different animals and plants that make up the precious coastal rainforest ecosystem at Ruby Lake Resort.


There are 3 different species of swallows nesting in the Sanctuary - Barn, Tree, and Violet-Green. Their nesting sites can be seen all over the Cottage area, which looks over the Sanctuary, and additionally to the cottage nesting sites we have swallows nesting around the Restaurant area. Spring flocks of up to 5000 swallows can be seen over Ruby Lake.

Bald Eagles

Up to 20 Bald Eagles, live around the lake and restaurant area. The best time to view these magnificent birds is during the Winter and Spring months, though they can really be spotted at any time of year.

Other regular bird visitors:

There are also many other colorful ornithological visitors at Ruby Lake Resort. Spot Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Hawks, Ospreys, Turkey Vultures, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Barn Owls and many more!